A debian web interface for z-machine play online

I have been searching, but am coming up a bit blank…

is there a deb/web server front end for hosting if games on a personal web server?

I have seen some but any recommendations would be appreciated. I have a personal game I am developing and would like to enable play through a web interface. I can give ssh access to frotz, but would ike to make it more simple.

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The easy solutions are client-side Javascript. You don’t need to install anything on the server; just put up the appropriate html/css/js files. Inform 7 will generate these for you, or you can set up Parchment (GitHub - curiousdannii/parchment: The Interactive Fiction player for the web).

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I’ve been building a server-side web-based one, but haven’t published the code or got it to a fully working state yet.


Thanks much, I was looking at the release options, by default I am not seeing any .js being created, and I am seeing a reference a ‘release with’ syntax in some release notes. This looks to be easy, but I am not seeing the options anywhere.

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