A code for texting/messaging in Chapbook

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Twine Version: 2.3.13
Story Format: Chapbook 1.2.1

<a href="sms://+12345678901">let's talk</a>

Hey y’all—I did this successfully with Harlowe, but it’s not working this time when I’m working with Chapbook. Could anyone help? I want it to open messages when clicked. The above is an example number.
Thanks so much!


Protocol schemes like sms (also tel and mailto) only work if:

  1. the Web-browser being used includes support for that scheme.
  2. an application that handles that functionality has been installed and correctly setup
    eg. a SMS app, a Telephony app, an Email Client app.
  3. the Operating System being used has been setup to use that app as a default for said functionality.

So for a link that references the sms scheme to work the end-user has to be using the right web-browser on an Operating System that has the right application installed and configured, and that application needs to be setup as the default of its type at the Operating System level.

Which means that sms link likely won’t work for anyone not using a Mobile device, and depending on the web-browser being used, possible not on all Mobile devices either.

but it’s not working this time when I’m working with Chapbook

Which Device type, Operating System, and Web-browser are you using to test the Chaphook based project?