A Chinese Room matchmaking thread

EDIT: original post below. I found a partner, but if anyone else is looking for someone to play this multiplayer game with, feel free to use this thread!

As it says on the tin – I’m a little surprised I haven’t seen a matchmaking thread yet since that was a big thing for the author’s last multiplayer game, but I guess this one is longer and since it says it’s one or two player, folks are defaulting to just playing by themselves. That was my instinct too, but I figured it’d be interesting to see how it plays in multiplayer.

In terms of logistics, it seems like it operates by plugging codes in, so swapping those via DMs on the forum seems like the easiest approach. I’ve read the content warnings and apparently the Caroline thread is a bit less intense than the Leon one, so I’d probably slightly prefer to play the former, but would be fine with Leon too. And while I’m in California, I have a one-year-old son who’s teething, meaning that I’d be fine with a partner pretty much wherever. I am hoping to write a review of the game before the Comp wraps up, so would prefer someone who’s willing to try to make reasonably steady progress, though I’m not looking to speedrun it or anything.

If anyone’s interested, either reply here or send me a DM!


I was hoping for a thread like this – I think it’s the last of the clearly longer-than-average entries I need to play, so I’m motivated for it. I am in the US Central time zone but can be flexible.

Also, I have an EctoComp entry that lagged, so I may not be able to do much until the 31st.

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Hey, that’s great! I often have a harder time getting much playtime in over the weekend, and have a couple reviews still in the queue, so ramping up after the 31st works for me.

Any preference for which character to play? LMK and then we can get going and take this to DMs!

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Awesome! I don’t care which character I get to play. But I wanted to post in the topic so that if people needed/wanted another player, people would be less likely to say “Gee, I’d like to, but I bet a lot of people already asked Mike.”

Also I wanted to note that even if my review appears on the spreadsheet I’d be willing to help out a couple people, especially if they put a priority on revewing it (but don’t feel it’s a requirement to even consider doing so!)

I’ll take the timing info to DMs shortly.

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Sounds good! I’ll rename the title and make this a general matchmaking thread if anyone else wants to take advantage of the opportunity.

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Just to say that this one was designed with play-by-DMs more in mind than Alexisgrad was, so I wouldn’t worry as much about timezones and distractions :slight_smile:


Okay, I finished my side of Chinese Room.

I’d like to note a few things worth knowing that don’t spoil anything. At some point, it seems like you have to send two notifications to your partner at once. At least, as things start,

  1. you always have to send, say, a letter between W and Z to your partner. You are deliberately put in a position where you can’t do anything until your partner responds.
  2. at some point, you’re told to send something, but there are still choices to make. I decided to send both at once. I don’t know if this is the author’s intent. But just so people know, it seems like you shouldn’t stop there.
  3. I’m confused what to do about the ending. I was the first person to reach the ending. Should we tell our partner we reached the ending? I mean, saying “okay, this is an ending” might sort of spoil things, and not saying might leave your partner confused. And we want a bit of confusion, of course.

Ah, the joys of insufficient testing.

To point 2, I think I know the bit your talking about. Basically as soon as you’re told to send a ‘code’, send it immediately. The game won’t break if you wait, but you might as well send it straight away. But yes, don’t stop. The only times you need to stop are when you’re asked to put in a ‘code’ from the other player and you have to wait for them to send it.

Point 3 … I think I assumed that people would tell each other when they reached the end? But it also could sort of spoil things…

Let’s chalk it down to bad design.

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Just to note that I think the dynamic Andrew points out is asymmetric – in my side of the story, that “send two choices at once” thing didn’t happen. Sorry if that’s a spoiler, just wanted to make sure folks didn’t get confused! FWIW the way he did things wound up working perfectly well, so I don’t think you need to worry about insufficient testing. And even without knowing when he hit the ending, the crescendo of the plot was pretty plain to see so I don’t think knowing he’d finished would have made much difference either way.

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