A Checkered Haunting (EctoComp 2016) re-release

The first version was a bit guess-the-verb. After all, it was in the Petite Mort competition, so it couldn’t have everything. But I finally fixed the bugs I saw in the post-comp version and posted what I had to itch at A Checkered Haunting by Andrew Schultz.

But the re-release now has optional text maps and also detects if you’ve made things unwinnable … and it also has a way to win the game without guessing the verb, with more explanation of what happened and why!

It’s still the same short game with the same short idea, of a mathematical nicety I think even people who don’t enjoy math will appreciate. It’s just smoother to get through now, and the lesson, such as it is, is clearer.

I’ll be submitting it to IFArchive.org, eventually. I hope those that enjoy this sort of thing enjoy ACH.


Update: Thanks to @severedhand for so quickly finding some interesting bugs I was able to patch.

Some had debug code left in there that I thought couldn’t be (Inform asked a question and then skipped it, for testing purposes,) but I also didn’t merge the original ending with the new one, so if you guessed the verb, you got the short “you did OK, I guess” ending. I think it’s better now.

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