A blurb after the room description, when play begins

Consider this:

The test room is a room.

When play begins:
	say "Intro before room description.";
	say "Brief blurb after room description.";

Obviously, both lines will print before the room description. Could I use some sort of “for the first time” clause to get around this? How is this typically accomplished?

More specifically, I’m looking for a clause that will trigger only at the beginning of play, after the room description.

How about “after looking for the first time”?

It seems that a rule like this is considered every time the “look” action succeeds.

The beauty of the “when play begins” clause is that it only triggers one time, and is not considered after that. Some mechanism causes the engine to try looking when play begins. I wonder if this behavior could be hijacked.


After checking the standard rules, I found that this will work:

The test room is a room.

This is the first message rule: say "Success."

The first message rule is listed in the startup rulebook.
Starting Room is a room. "Here is the description of the starting room.[first time][paragraph break]Here is the blurb that will print only once after the room description is displayed the first time.[only]"

That isn’t a problem, however. All of these solutions work fine.

It will be considered, but it will never trigger after the first time (“first time” means “ever”, not “per room”). The first room description at the beginning of the game is generated by a a look action, so this will accomplish what you want.

[code]Test Chamber is a room. The description is “Here is the room description.”

After looking for the first time:
say “And here is an addendum that only appears at the beginning of the game.”

Test me with “look / look / look”.[/code]

It’s not a problem to have a rule that is considered but never triggered, or considered but only triggered once. Eventually your game will have hundreds of them. “Considered” just means that the game checks to see if the rule applies, and if not, it moves on.