A Beauty Cold and Austere Release 2 now available

Release 2 of A Beauty Cold and Austere is now available, along with an updated detailed solution.

Release 2 includes the following:

  • implementation of one of the IFComp 2017 reviewers’ contest prizes,
  • restructuring of an early puzzle in order to make it easier to acquire the game’s carryall,
  • improved hinting on a few puzzles,
  • cleaner text formatting in certain places,
  • more end-game suggestions for amusing the player,
  • multiple new synonyms,
  • several bug fixes, ranging from minor to game-breaking,
  • many spelling and punctuation corrections,
  • a slight update to the scoring and the status line,
  • and a few other things as well.

Thank you for the amazing game. Can’t wait for more updates.