I finally got around to playing 9:05 today while exploring games that are supposedly “newbie friendly.”

A number of reviews of this game describe it as “nearly puzzleless.” But I had to hit the walkthrough for a bit of the ol’ “guess the verb.”

At this point, you have to ENTER CUBICLE or GO CUBICLE to see the stuff on the desk (form, pen, note). But since I could apparently examine the desk already, I completely missed that the cubicle was a separately visitable location that I could enter/go to.

Is this a bug? Is this just due to it being an older game with different conventions than I’m used to? Did everybody else just intuitively figure out that you have to “enter” the cubicle?

For my taste, I would have much preferred a message like this:

My newbie experience with 9:05 was more perplexing than that.

For some reason–maybe failure to examine something that told you where the workplace was–the first time I played I missed the first exit and got off at the second one, and left town. “Well that game seemed fairly pointless,” I thought.

I ran into that obstacle as well–it took me a little while to figure out that that location was represented as a container or some such thing.