80s platforms that lacked Scott Adams/Howarth games?

The parallel to the “if it was an 8-bit platform with meaningful disk drive adoption it got Infocom games” rule of thumb is the “if it had 16k and a tape drive, it got Scott Adams games” rule. (And/or Howarth, probably.)

I’ve just stumbled across what seems to be an exception, the VTech Laser 200 series. Underpowered, late to market, and not particularly successful, but it was sold in enough English-speaking markets that I would expect to find Adams/Howarth games on some combination of cartridge or tape. They don’t seem to exist.

Is there another commercial system of the same period which never had their YOHO in the sun?

Dunno… Bit-60/Bit-90? Camputers Lynx? DAI? Elektronika BK-0010? Amper ExelTel? So many old machines… Just check List of home computers - Wikipedia

Yes, good point, and even narrowing down those machines which were largely sold into at least one English-speaking market a few other candidates (Microbee, Lynx as you mentioned) jump out.

The Laser is ahead of some of them in my mind, in that it had multiple hardware generations and global (if not comprehensive) distribution.