[6L38] Where has "glulx color value" gone?

6L38 had to be aimed almost entirely at maintenance. I was waiting for it because of the fixes of around 150 bugs, some of which solve some problems that I experienced with 6L02.
I tought to be able to upgrade with no preparation needed… but “Glulx Text Effects” has changed!
That change brokes “Keyword Interface by Aaron Reed”, that is in the public library, for example.

It seems that I can modify “Table of User Styles” to solve the problem, but I have also a lot of code, similar to “Simple Graphical Window”, that makes use of “glulx color value” variables that seem gone away.
For example, I have:

Graphics background color is a glulx color value that varies.

What changes should I do to my code to make it work again?
Have I better to go back to 6L02? But I need the bug fixes!

Thank you in advance for any suggestion.

I think Dannii made this change, so hopefully Dannii can chime in. But it looks like color values are handled as text now, rather than a kind of value. Use a hex string like “3366FF”.

Uh! I see. Thank you.

IMHO It’s not an “any changes will be easy to make” change as Dannii sold it.

Now I have to figure how to convert strings like “#3366ff” to integers in I6 code to forage some functions that expect a glulx color value: easy for an expert… that I’m not :wink:

There’s an I6 routine in the new Glulx Text Effects which does that work. GTE_ConvertColour()

Zarf has explained as well as I could.

I didn’t realise anything else used GTE’s colours other than Flexible Windows which I haven’t finished updating yet. If I’d known I would’ve made sure the others were fixed too. Sorry for that! If Aaron doesn’t update it soon I’ll take a look.

Many thanks to both of you. The support here runs at the speed of light!

I had to use GTE’s colours because I’m running an alternative to Flexible Windows, not flexible as the original is, but enough for my needs (I followed the “Simple Graphical Window” by Emily Short - just a hack waiting for your version of Flexible Windows). The function suggested by Zarf makes the conversion easier. I haven’t noticed it at a first sight, sorry!

The problem that raises in Aaron Reed’s Keyword Interface is easier to solve instead. The format of the new table of styles is well explained and I’m happy of the new color format, so forgive my initial rant :wink: