50 Years of Text Games - Review

I received the download links to 50 Years of Text Games today.

For a sports analogy, it is like hitting a grand slam in the last game of the World Series to win the game.

Much of the material has been available via the 50 Years of Text Games blog. That alone was a monumental achievement. However, Aaron polished the series and added additional material to make the published edition even more superlative.

I have several Kindles that I use to read with. The epub versions work perfectly on my favored Kindle Voyage from 2015, a Kindle paperwhite from 2021 and the Kindle app on my 2017 iPad. The flowable text works great on all three giving me access to large print.

I would like to add that the .txt version works very well on my Humanware BI 20X braille note taker. How incredible.

The digital version is great, imagine how good the printed editions are going to be. I am expecting mine in a few weeks. I hear the UK editions are currently in the delivery phase.


This 2001-esque obsidian slab just arrived in the post!

Handsomely produced, beautifully researched and written, and heavy enough to render a burglar unconscious (a sure sign of a good book, in my estimation).


I received my collector’s edition of 50 Year of Text Games today. The production quality is excellent. It is on a par with the best quality library editions. The printing, binding and overall quality are amazing.

And Christopher is correct, you need a very stout coffee table in the living room to display this text. :wink:


My paperback version, perhaps only slightly less dense but still quite substantial, came in today. I too had been enjoying the Kindle epub version prior to arrival as a seamless way to get all that sweet sweet extra content. I could not be more pleased with the entire package.

I discovered and read all of Aaron’s blog during COVID and it is fair to say his work is what spurred me to engage this community over the last year, as well as inspired me to try my hand at TADS authorship. My WIP owes general and specific debts to Aaron’s amazing excavations.

I cannot recommend the etext (which I think is all that is left now) highly enough, in the unfathomable circumstance that readers here are still unfamiliar with this work. It is informative, entertaining, engaging, and authoritative. And it goes the extra mile to provide contextual depth that makes it all come alive.

If you’re a fan of the form (which, if not, this is a weird place to show up!) hunt it out. SO worth your time.


I have a CE. It’s a really nice showpiece! But the PDF is fantastic for markups, bookmarks, copy/paste, and what not. A researcher’s dream.

I’m going to try to do a review at Gold Machine soon… sigh so much to do