"50 Years of Text Games" blog series

Hi, friends, and Happy New Year! Thought many of you here might be interested in a new blog series I’m launching this year called “50 Years of Text Games.” Each week I’ll be posting an in-depth analysis of one text game from each year starting in 1971 (when the original Oregon Trail was released) up to the present day. My aim is to trace a kind of grand tour through all kinds of interactive text games that have been invented over the past fifty years: BBS games, play-by-mail adventures, hypertext, MUDs, audio games, parser and Twine games, and more. There will definitely be a lot of parser IF classics in the mix (as well as games you may never have heard of). You can read more about the project at my introduction post:


Hope some of you will join me on this incredible journey through a half century of computer games made with words!

–Aaron A Reed


Hi Aaron,

I enjoy your work. Please post updates here as a reminder when you a new entry in your series.


Great! I enjoy learning about the history and theory of text games a lot. Seems like I’m in for a year-long treat. Thanks.

(here I deleted a page long list of requests for articles about my favorite games :wink: )

Really looking forward to this!