50% Off Kindle Interactive Fiction

Amazon is running a sale on its interactive fiction titles for Kindle, ending July 24th. You can get all of their interactive fiction games, including Fighting Fantasy, Inheritance, and Choice of Games, for 50% off.

amazon.com/gp/search/ref=pe_ … KD8&page=1

The link doesn’t take me to any IF titles for the Kindle that I can see - is Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance IF? I always thought it was just a novel. And I can’t see any Fighting Fantasy titles that are for the Kindle either, just the paperback versions (which I already have).

Not sure if this applies but “Active Content” for the Kindle is not available outside the US.

Yes, active content for the kindle is really not available for purchase outside the US. I am not sure though if the same applies if you are in the territory of UK and Japan. I have not tried any interactive content before but I have heard mixed reviews about it. I think I might take a chance here now that they are on sale. I have always relied on online sources to get content, that’s why.