404 page

You guys need a better 404 page on this site. It’s kind of, how do I say, bland.

I’ll admit that your signature makes your comment kind of amusing.

It does.

The server error page (not 404) of PC gaming blog Rock, Paper, Shotgun is built with Inform and runs using Parchment. Is it something like that you want?

I dunno about masema but that sounds kinda cool actually.

I don’t know what that is… Oh wait, I am on the internet. I’ll go find out.

Turns out it’s blocked.

All the error pages are Apache defaults right now. If somebody wants to take the time to come up with something else to replace them, that’s fine. My server has other sites, but I think they can be customized based on the VirtualHost directive.

Maybe something that alludes to being lost in a maze of twisty little passages?

I could probably throw something together.

This is the page that was sent to me. I haven’t added it yet. Comments? Changes?

I like it! Simple enough and has useful links. Only comments are that the dark purple for the links is hard to read against the black, and there should be a period after “search page.”

Ahh, tags, so glorious!

I’m more in favor of keeping a white background, rather than black, to keep it like the rest of the forum. Maybe use the same font (Verdana?) and the [IF] icon. Maybe even the whole top bar (icon at the left, “infiction.org” in the middle, gray background) with the error message stuff in the white area below (per the “standard” theme).

When I get time, I may try to put something else together.

(edit) I guess the black works because of the “picture of a grue” thing, but maybe there’s a better way. I’m about done putting together a different version.

My main objection is that it looks completely different from the actual forum. (My second objection is that it uses HTML markup from the 90s, but that’s a minor thing.) How about this one with the same fonts and colors the forum’s main theme uses: jsfiddle.net/wfpKd/embedded/result/

Here’s my revised version:

(Edit) yours is very similar to what I came up with… :slight_smile:

Yup, that one looks nice.

Have to take my kids to school. I’ll set this up when I get back.

I don’t think I’ve ever once gotten a 404 page here though. Links usually point to real pages. :slight_smile:

I like it!

The new 404 page is now live. Example: http://www.intfiction.org/ThisIsaFakePage.html

I love the picture of the grue.

Just saying.