2nd Round Testers Needed

A couple of first-round testers have made great progress with my (probably IFComp) game, “The Only Possible Prom Dress.” For the second round of testing, I’d like to recruit two or three more.

This is a large game. The opening section has been pretty thoroughly tested, and should be pretty clean, but neither of my active testers has yet gotten to the section that involves a number of challenges leading up to the thrilling ending.

I’m sure there are still bugs lurking in there, waiting to be discovered. But it will take some dedicated effort to find them. If you’re hoping to just do a little testing for fun, it’s questionable how much assistance you’d be able to provide. There’s an extensive hint system, so you could conceivably make your way out to the untested sections within the first hour, but if you do that, you might not understand the story, and that could make your job more difficult, or anyhow more confusing.

Because this game is a large challenge for testers, I’m offering up to $50 (purely at my own discretion) to testers who are able to dig in and file extensive reports with new bugs. Or even without new bugs, if there aren’t any to be found (insert hollow laughter here). This honorarium won’t come even close to paying you a minimum wage for your time spent; it’s strictly my way of saying “thank you” to industrious testers.

FYI, the game is a direct sequel to my first game (“Not Just an Ordinary Ballerina,” 1999). The basic location, a rather disreputable shopping mall, is the same, and your challenge as the player is closely related. Some of the shops are the same, but there are a number of new ones. A few of the puzzles are related to those in the original game, but I think only one of them is substantially identical, so you certainly don’t need to have played the first game to understand this one.

Also, there’s an octopus, if that’s an enticement. Let me know if you’d like to tackle it!


Hi! I’d like to help, no money required. It’d be my first time as a beta tester, though, just so you know. I haven’t interacted much with the community but I’ve played IF for god knows how long.

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Sounds good. I’ll send you a PM with my email address. You can email me, and I’ll attach the game file in my reply, along with some instructions.