2022 XYZZY update, and heads-up on finding a new organiser(s)

Hi, everyone.

I deeply appreciate that folks are invested in the XYZZYs. I recognise - have for a while - that there needs to be a new steward for the competition. Earlier this year, I found a new organiser; some things changed in their life, it didn’t end up working out and I didn’t find a replacement. I apologise that it’s taken this long to get the 2022 XYZZYs out, but I am working toward getting things launched prior to the end of the year and I have some help for that.

Once that’s done, I’ll begin recruiting a new organiser(s), who I can work with to get out the 2023 XYZZYs early in the calendar year (before spring). This time I’ll use a more formal process. If you’re interested in being considered as either the lead, or as a volunteer to help that new organiser (this a project that ideally needs a small team, I think; that’s been part of the issue), please email me: sam.kabo.ashwell@gmail.com. (I’m especially interested in people who aren’t already wearing a lot of hats in the community.)



This is great to hear! Who’s helping?


Did anyone wind up helping with XYZZY 2022?

Would it make sense to just kick off XYZZY 2023 now, and pick a new organizer afterwards?


At least 1 person (me) and likely quite a few others have been in touch with Sam, so hopefully we can get in touch with each other and kick it off. Apart from that, I agree - same template as last time, but with new games (I have no idea how long it takes to compile a list of all games made in the year, so we could get people to just type in the name of the game they choose and people could volunteer to check to see if the game exists from that year).


I believe the existing procedure is to do an IFDB search for “games released in year” and then comb over it for garbage, mistakes, and non-qualified titles. I don’t know what the combing process entails though.


There’s been discussion of a nomination round before–I’m linking to it in case you haven’t seen it: XYZZY Awards 2020, and a zeroth round for 2021


Could the IFDB awards serve as a zeroth round?


Any updates on 2023 XYZZYs?


I’ve emailed him multiple times with no response, sadly. Hopefully he sees it soon…