2022 IFDB Awards Campaigning: "A Matter of Heist Urgency"

I would like to encourage players and voters to consider A Matter of Heist Urgency for the following 2022 IFDB Awards:

AMoHU is the first release by new author FLACRabbit. It is a comical game, which received a lot of positive commentary from well-respected reviewers. It is an easy-to-play game, great for parser beginners or for those who just want some puzzleless amusement. It is a snack-sized game, perfect for a commute, a lunch break, or that awkward period after you’ve ordered out for dinner but before the food is ready. It has a well-executed soundtrack of original musical highlights that were composed specifically to enhance the playing experience.

Two common threads among reviewers’ comments were 1) that they liked the setting and would play another episode in the series, and 2) that one of its biggest flaws was being thin on backstory. The author took the feedback to heart and expanded the game to a post-comp edition released in December, which has so far received little attention. The new content definitely improves the game, adding some backstory about the protagonist’s origin as a superhero while playing to the game’s existing strengths of humor and use of music. There is one sequence that is particularly memorable, and I am very curious to hear others’ reactions to the technique used – I’ve never seen the like in a text game.

This is a silly game, but it is a fun game. It’s not literary and it’s not “serious,” but so what? You have permission to enjoy this game anyway! It is well worth the play time of 30 minutes or less, so if you haven’t tried it yet (or haven’t tried it since the comp), definitely give it a shot before voting is closed. As Commissioner Mumblebumble might say: “Mrmfrmumum ermhmf, frermsh today!”


Ohhhh I hope FLACRabbit also does music. The puns would practically write themselves!

Ah!! Perfect!!


I played it recently, definitely quite fun! Also really interesting stab at a puzzly parser sort of fight scene.

I only played the newer version, what’s new? From what you wrote I’m guessing one of them was the flashback with your master? The scene provided a good change of pace, liked the tone and writing too. Although my master seemed to hint to me that I should be doing something more, and I only found and did the most obvious thing (the vine, etc). And it seemed to end a bit abruptly for me.

What sequence are you thinking of? I want to hear what you found so memorable/unique!

I’m thinking of the “cutscene” that occurs when you win the first fight– at least, that’s the best name that I can come up with to describe it.

Note that you can’t see it and the scene with the master in the same playthrough.