2020 AIF Minicomp Highlights [adult content]

Five games were entered to the 2020 AIF Minicomp. The rules included some structural limitations to encourage manageable play experiences.

  • The View to Her Apartment by stochastic (HTML)
  • Going Down by Louys Bilitis (HTML)
  • Amy’s Predatory Boyfriend by Lost Trout (HTML)
  • The General’s Daughter by accofake (HTML)
  • Amnesia by Eulexia (HTML)

Amnesia is a well structured game and I appreciated the potential for mounting dread as a woman in a car accident in a hospital where she forgets everything every day, but you don’t. It made me quite angry in that the doctor was essentially planting clues that he was my husband and we needed to resume intimacy as part of the healing process. I noped out, but still found it an intriguing premise if you’re in for what it’s about.

Amy’s Predatory Boyfriend is what happens if you make adult interactive fiction into a gamebook. At first I was like what but it’s actually a fascinating illustrated flowchart example of a complex relationship system that lets you push buttons and mark counters and track progress through a progressively more intimate date.

Link to AIF Central Blog - contains further links to NSFW and adult content


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