2018 IFComp Authors Compilation Page

Hi everyone!

I thought I’d start a thread where all the 2018 authors could compile their information for easy access. Each author can list their name, the game they authored, their blogs/sites and all of the ways they can be contacted online.

This way there’s one place where all of our information can be found.

Feel free to copy and paste the section below and fill in the missing information.


I’ll go first!

NAME: Frotzing / J. Michael
GAME: Diddlebucker!
BLOG/WEBSITE: frotzing.blogspot.com/
SOCIAL MEDIA: twitter.com/frotzing
E-MAIL: frotzing@gmail.com

NAME: Vivienne Dunstan
GAME: Border Reivers
BLOG/WEBSITE: vivsacademicblog.wordpress.com
SOCIAL MEDIA: twitter.com/vivdunstan
E-MAIL: viv.dunstan@one-name.org

NAME: Craiglocke/Mathbrush/brirush/Brian Rushton
GAME: The Origin of Madame Time
SOCIAL MEDIA: twitter.com/mathbrush
E-MAIL: brushton84@gmail.com

Also, you all should make (or update) your author page on the IFWiki!
ifwiki.org/index.php/24th_Annual … ompetition
If your name is a red link, click on it to create a new page.


NAME: ProP / Protoss Probe / Avery
GAME: Grimnoir
SOCIAL MEDIA: twitter.com/protoss_probe
EMAIL: redlycosidae@gmail.com
OTHER INFORMATION: i’m pretty anxious and don’t post much on the forum, but i’m always down to talk about games in DMs/emails!

NAME: Bitter Karella
GAME: Basilica de Sangre
BLOG/WEBSITE: guttersnipecomic.com
SOCIAL MEDIA: twitter.com/bitterkarella
E-MAIL: thenewmeat@hotmail.com

NAME: Jonathan Laury
GAME: Ostrich
BLOG/WEBSITE: https://mrpootler.wordpress.com/
SOCIAL MEDIA: https://twitter.com/BornToPootle
E-MAIL: jonathan_laury@yahoo.co.uk

NAME: Kenneth Pedersen
GAME: Stone of Wisdom
E-MAIL: kennethvpedersen@yahoo.dk

NAME: Pseudavid
GAME: The Master of the Land
BLOG/WEBSITE: pseudavid.itch.io/
SOCIAL MEDIA: twitter.com/pseudavid/
E-MAIL: pseudavid yahoo es

NAME: Agnieszka Trzaska
E-MAIL: irimion@gmail.com

Here’s mine–

NAME: Bill Lindsay
GAME: ‘Bullhockey!’
WEBSITE: Thinking about making one.
E-MAIL: ragtimebill@outlook.com

Name: Maddie Fialla
Game: Erstwhile
Email: maddie.violets@gmail.com

NAME: Hanon Ondricek
GAME: Cannery Vale
BLOG/WEBSITE: hanonondricek.wixsite.com/pyramidif
SOCIAL MEDIA: @hanonondricek
E-MAIL: hanon.ondricek (at) gmail
TURN-ONS: baking, road tripping, naps
TURN-OFFS: pickles, large spiders, sauerkraut

NAME: J. J. Guest (Jason)
GAME: Alias ‘The Magpie’
BLOG/WEBSITE: https://jjguest.blogspot.com/
SOCIAL MEDIA: @JasonGuest1 (though I barely use it!)
E-MAIL: jason.guest (at) gmail

NAME: Serhii Mozhaiskyi
GAME: I.A.G. Alpha
BLOG/WEBSITE: technix.in.ua/
SOCIAL MEDIA: technix.itch.io/
E-MAIL: sergei.mozhaisky@gmail.com

NAME: Jack Welch
GAMES: En Garde; Re: Dragon
BLOG/WEBSITE: blog.templaro.com
SOCIAL MEDIA: @dhakajack (Twitter)
E-MAIL: dhakajack@gmail.com
CODE: github.com/dhakajack/

NAME: Linus Åkesson
GAME: Tethered
BLOG/WEBSITE: linusakesson.net/
E-MAIL: linus at domain of website

NAME: Victor Gijsbers
GAME: Terminal Interface for Models RCM301-303
BLOG/WEBSITE: gamingphilosopher.blogspot.com
E-MAIL: victor@lilith.cc (or just PM me here, I’ll see it)