2014 Indie Game Maker Contest

Since we’re on a comp kick of late, there’s a new contest being held by the folks behind the RPGMaker series and Humble Bundle:

(emphasis mine)

They even mention Inform in their Resources section! (Amusingly enough, it’s listed as a “interactive fiction/visual novel” engine.) The main restriction (other than common sense stuff like “don’t use anything you don’t have the rights to”) seems to be that entries must have been started after the competition start date, May 29th. This means you can’t just, say, take something you started coding for ShuffleComp but didn’t finish and submit it here. Here are the full rules, in case you want to enter. There’s a definite slant towards RPGMaker in e.g. the prize list, but there’s a genuine effort to make sure the non-RPG games get a place at the table too. I’m trying to get something in by June 30th myself.

Dang. $10,000 grand prize? I imagine it will go to an RPGMaker game* but that’s very impressive.

[size=85]*Not casting aspersions on the judges, but if that’s what they’re accustomed to, I would expect it to affect their perspective.[/size]

For those of you who still care, I submitted a thing for this! I just barely squeaked by the deadline, too! Please play it and tell me if you liked it.

I also made a thing for this! I decided to have a go at RPG Maker, so it’s not IF, although it is interactive, and fictional. It’s also Windows only, sorry about that. It’s a short, simple item-based puzzle game with graphics drawn by yours truly. Banner thingy:


Check out screenshots and grab it here: contest.rpgmakerweb.com/game/vie … 7VkXZRdVnN

I like the look of the first three screenshots there!

I played it! It’s pretty nice. It left some comments on the game’s page; basically I really think it needs some kind of save feature, but other than that it’s pretty good.

Thanks, both! I’m getting some really awesome feedback over there, I’ll probably start working on the post-comp release this weekend. I want to make it a bit longer and more branching. I’ve promised a bunch of other entrants to check out their games, and I’m bumping yours up the list, Healy.

I didn’t notice the judging had finished until today, but congratulations to mostly useless for taking Second Place in the Non-RPG Category!! Now, if you would like to discuss sharing the winings… nah, forget it, you earned all of it! [emote]:)[/emote] Ah, well, I can always try again if they host another one of these contests. Again, congrats!

Wow. Awesome! Thanks for bumping this. I hadn’t noticed, myself. Congratulations to mostly useless!


I see good things in Oh! Ko! 's future!

Haha, thanks peeps!! It’s pretty unbelievable, to be honest. [emote]:D[/emote]