2 question for doors in inform 7

1st how can i have the doors room descrip say a door is south?
2nd is there away when soneone looks at door it will say if its open or closed?


For question one, can you say a little more about what you’re looking to do? Like, by room description do you mean the initial appearance? Have you put some text in for that, or are you just relying on the default “you can see/also see XXDOOR here”?

For question two, try

The description of XXDOOR is “A simple door, currently [if open]open[otherwise]closed[end if].”


when you first enter room, is there away to change what it says for a door is here. thanks for help.

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You can do something like:

The initial appearance of unremarkable door is “An unremarkable door leads [if location is temple]south[otherwise]north[end if].”

You can also just manually mention the door in the room description, of course:

The description of temple is “Blah blah regular location description.[paragraph break]The [unremarkable door] leads south.”

(You need the brackets around the name of the door so that Inform doesn’t redundantly print the initial appearance as well).


Thank you.