2 Extensions causing problems in 6L02

There are 2 extensions that cause compiler errors in 6L02.

The first one is Conditional Undo by Jesse McGrew.
The second one is Record-Replay which is my own
and was created since there was no recording-replaying function originally in I7.

I was getting a Library message notice No such thing as LM__##

I tried to post this on the Bugs forum but my account is not working for some reason.

In this case that’s fortunate because it’s not a bug. Both extensions use I6 inclusions, and the I6 internals have changed. The extensions just need to be updated.

(In particular the library message system has changed, so LM_ etc won’t work anymore.)

Thanks to Juhanna for the feedback. I know that the extensions have to be modified in order for them to work properly.
And I 've seen the new posting to the group here about which extensions are NOT compatible.