1986 BBC TV clip about Infocom (about 8 minutes long)

From the archives, a 1986 peek by the BBC into #interactivefiction pioneers Infocom:

twitter.com/BBCArchive/status/1 … 8870604800

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That Twitter post leads me through a maze of twisty URLs that never end. Do you have a more direct link to the video itself?

I think the BBC Archive only posted this video clip directly on social media accounts, so the Twitter link I gave above, and a Facebook version at

facebook.com/BBCArchive/vid … 689426832/

However! Digging through YouTube a bit finds a YouTube version there, at least for now. This is a copy of the original version of this interview as it was originally broadcast in 1985 (the 1986 one above is compilation/repeat):


Great, that works fine. Thank you!

Most enjoyable!

I’ve just been watching https://clp.bbcrewind.co.uk/4aadb91b4692e6d66b33d43e47d4a75f
which, I think, is the clip from The BBC’s ‘Micro Live’ that this thread is referring to. (Season 2, episode 8, 1985.) It’s a visit to Infocom while they were developing ‘Spellbreaker’.
(A triply interesting episode for me since it includes a trip to The Boston Computer Museum which prompted me to go there in the '90s – all hail The Newell Teapot! – and a piece by Jon Cole, who became a friend 4 or 5 years later. Incidentally, he wrote a real-time, single-user adventure game called ‘MUG’ since it’s styled after on-line, multi-user games, though, sadly, I no longer have a working copy of it. “Stout trousers are essential!”)


This is fabulous. I remember watching Micro Live at the time, and haven’t seen it since: Fred Harris sounds exactly as I remember, but Lesley Judd’s cut-glass RP accent is something of a surprise!