18th Anniversary Speed-IF

I got some people on ifMUD to agree to do a speed-if in recognition of the 18th anniversary of our first one (1998, post-comp-game-release). You can send me the game or a link if it’s hosted or just post your game here. Please adhere to the two-hour limit, though you can pick any window from now until Sunday (October 9th) to complete it.

The parameters are:

fly a ship and land it in multiple places (planets, asteroids, stations)
giant space monster
shape-changing alien
alien infiltrator, no legitimate crew
solar flares as a danger
zero gravity
a mysteriously brooding character
weird space combat
getting drunk/high in space
male sexy green alien
instant cloning machine
ray gun
space pizza delivery
Christopher Walken

Well, I wrote this thing in Texture in the last two hours (though I went over the limit a little bit, if that’s okay). Hopefully it doesn’t break!

There are no speed-if police. Glad you were able to complete a story!

My friend High Kitts wrote a game called Space Police

Here’s my game!

Interstellar Pizza Brigade
Interstellar Pizza Brigade.gblorb (626 KB)

Aha, so this is why there were those new IFDB entries that were all so similar! From the titles (and authors I recognize), these seem worth giving a look. Hooray for anniversaries.