1893 in the archive?

Hey there. I spotted 1893 in the Unprocessed section of the IFArchive.

Does that mean it’s no longer commercial? Does anyone know of anything?

Hi, All,

It appears that 1893: a World’s Fair Mystery is available for purchase at
download.cnet.com/1893-A-World-s … 03948.html.

Brendan Desilets

Woah, I’ve been waiting for someone to ask this for a long time! :wink: Isn’t the download on CNet just a demo? And there doesn’t seem to be a proper place to buy the game on its website…

But I guess that we will need a message from the game’s author to know of anything, for now!

It looks like Peter uploaded it - there wasn’t much detail in the upload notification email I got, but enough to make it clear that it’s now distributable:

1 file totalling 69188.38 kb uploaded successfully:

  * 1893.gam (69188.38 kb)

Uploaded by PTN <...@...>

1893: A World's Fair Mystery

Author: Peter Nepstad 
Version: Public Release
License: Former Commercial

Then it’s going into my collection!

Could anyone post a link to the file? Couldn’t find it in the archive. Have wanted to play this game for ages but could never track it down.

It is currently in ifarchive.org/if-archive/unprocessed/ but will move to the TADS 2 games directory eventually.

It’s also here:

drive.google.com/folderview?id= … jFDUjlyQ2M

BTW, I’ve hit the 15gb limit for GoogleDrive. :frowning: If anyone would have any suggestions about another, similar, free service, I’d be all ears.


There’s this one: mega.co.nz which offers 50GB of on-line storage for free.

Good suggestion, but I should have clarified that I’m not looking for a place to host a single huge file; rather for a place where, like GoogleDrive, I can host pretty much all the files in a browsable way.

MEGA has a Dropbox-like interface: browsable, with per-file or folder share settings and sync applications for every major platform. It is online storage, just like Google Drive (but without the Google Docs interface.) The only major issue you may run into is slow uploads, but if you use the sync client to sync up your current data, that’ll be transparent. It’ll just take awhile.

Iiiiinteresting. And an end-user (i.e., everyone else in the world aside from myself) can access the files in a browsable way without needing any sort of software from MEGA?

EDIT - No need to answer, I’m checking it out now and attempting to set it up. Looks sweet.

It’s quite a bit slower overall, yeah - takes ages to set something up - but I hardly ever have to manually go in to do anything, I just sync and am done with it, so it’s fine.

I’m worried about the speed on the user side, though.

Could anyone please take it out for a spin and tell me if it’s working, and if it’s usable? Cheers!


MEGA seems to allow you to download whole folders as ZIP, which is extraordinarily good. You can now properly download multiple-file games easily. But, I seem to suffer from excuciatingly slow downloads; all feedback would be appreciated.

EDIT - Just so as to keep this on-topic, here’s the new link for 1893.