1893: A World's Fair Mystery

I happened to be researching the Utah women’s contributions to the 1893 World’s Fair for a small case exhibit at my work. I came across 1893: A World’s Fair Mystery. I started playing it and I love the historical angle. I think it is a good proof-of-concept for non-traditional “exhibits.” I can keep playing on my own, but I thought I would save myself some time and ask here. Does anyone know if you can explore the Women’s building or the Utah building in any detail in the game?


I haven’t played the game, but from a quick look at David Welbourne’s solution, the Women’s Building appears as a multi-location area on the map and is mentioned several times in the walkthrough, but I don’t see any reference to the Utah building in either, so I’m guessing you can’t get inside that one.


the women’s building has a few rooms you can enter. You can also “enter” the Utah building, but it isn’t significant to the plot:

enter utah building
The exhibits in the Utah Building focus on its mining operations; most significantly gold, silver, and sulfur. After pausing momentarily at a replica in miniature of the great Salt Lake, you leave.

I didn’t play much of the game, but just walking through the game world and looking at the map gave me a clearer scope of how BIG the world’s fair was. I showed it to one of our curators too (he thought that the fact you could read accurate articles in the newspaper was really cool!).