ZSCII code 10 in Glulx?

While perusing some I6 functions generated by I7, I saw some code that seems like it might be checking for ZSCII code 10. The DM4’s Table 2A on page 519 (online: DM4 Tables) has no entry for a code 10.

The code in question was generated for Glulx in a routine called TEXT_TY_BlobAccessI. Is there some special significance for that code in Glulx?

ZSCII is only meaningful in Z-code. Glulx uses ASCII. (Really Unicode, but that’s the same as ASCII for values under 128.)

The code you’re looking at is, I assume, the line:

if (ch == 10 or 13 or 32 or 9) ...

That is any common whitespace character: linefeed, carriage return, space, or tab.

Normal Glulx printing code shouldn’t generate carriage returns or tabs, but I guess they could get into a string if you were reading from a file.

Thank you, zarf. That is indeed what I was looking at, and I appreciate the additional information.