Zozzled (in development for IFComp 2017)


The story of one swanky sheba, some gangsters, a handful of bluenoses and a whole lotta giggle water. And a vengeful spirit. Zozzled will feature an all-new cast of quirky NPCs implemented with the popular menu-based conversation style from Brain Guzzlers from Beyond!, as well as loads of puzzles and hidden secrets.

This is…nowhere even close to playable right now (as you may have guessed) but feel free to post here if you’re interested in being a beta tester sometime in the distant future! In the meantime, I will use this thread to post occasional developer updates, feelies, and other stuff.

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I’d love to help once it’s ready for testing. I’m not as experienced with testing as some others here, but I’m a professional proofreader/technical writer so I’m sure I can make myself useful.

I think you should have my email so add me to your list and hit me up when you’re ready!