Zork source?

via hacker news,

Posted here in “general”, but should there be a “historical” section for the forum?

I found also the link to the MDL code, which is: https://github.com/itafroma/zork-mdl

There still are though other codes from Infocom I would like to see if they have them and would publish them such as:

  • ZIL source of ZIPTEST, and permission to publish the existing story file in the public domain
  • Zilch and ZAP implementations (and preferably the ZIL standard libraries too)
  • Any documents or source files which might give any more hints about how joystick inputs and XZIP menus are supposed to work (although I suspect these documents and/or source files do not exist)

Not intending to be a wet blanket or make anyone feel bad, I find that C translation horrifying.

In fairness, it’s not bad for automatically translated code. The fact that it’s maintainable in that form is a testament to the translator’s skill.

But I would agree that the original is more readable.