Zork in website

I have a zork.z3 file but I can’t seem to get it in a format to host on my own website (including interpreter). I can run it by going to iplayif and loading it there so I know it’s good, but I’d like to host it on my own iis site. I’ve tried installing Inform (Windows), starting a new project and dropping my file in project.materials, but it tells me the file needs to be called story.z8. If I rename the file to story.z8, I get an error: "
Translating the Source - Failed"


If I recall correctly, you can’t rename it to .z8 because .z3 is packed differently to .z8 and has different opcodes. You can’t use it via Inform because Zork was created with ZIL (or MDL, depending which version you used), not Inform. So you’d need to compile it via ZILF, which is pretty complicated if you don’t know how to use it. (I am one of the very few who use it, so you could ask me.)

BTW, for what reason do you need to use it in inform? Or is the inform file a separate question to the zork question?


You might appreciate the Parchment site generator:



Yeah, the iplayif site generator is the correct answer here.

Asking about Inform was just a misconception about what tool was needed.