Zoom Status Line with Bronze - not displaying

I’ve just downloaded and updated the latest Zoom for Mac (running El Capitan) and the latest Bronze zblorb file from IFDB. When I’m playing, after the initial room, the status line disappears and never comes back. (OK, once it came back but it was buggered up.)

When I play this game in another interpreter (Spatterlight) it works fine.

What’s up with Zoom and the status line? Any way to fix this?

…and yet, when I go into the Zoom settings and re-pick the Z interpreter (Glulxe) it starts working instantly and continues to work. Argh.

Zoom for Mac is unreliable and has been for several years.

…and yet, in nearly every case, it’s the one most often suggested for play on the Mac.

Those recommendations probably haven’t been updated lately either… I’d try Gargoyle, although finding the OS X version of Gargoyle is non-trivial. I think the latest version is at http://ifarchive.jmac.org/indexes/if-archiveXinterpreters-multiXgargoyle.html.

(BTW, wow it is difficult to find the download of the interpreter on the Github page if you don’t already have a PhD in Github.)

Or Lectrote is probably the most recently updated OS X interpreter, though I haven’t tried it yet.

I tend to import stuff into Zoom solely to allow Zoom to organize it under ~/Documents/Interactive Fiction and then actually play it with Gargoyle.

I confess that the understatement, ‘several’, made me laugh aloud.

Nobody heard my laugh due to a tree-falls-in-the-forest kind of situation. So I thought I’d report the incident.

  • Wade

Should Zoom be removed from this chart then? (Or a note added to say that it’s unreliable?)

Is there anything else on that chart that should be updated? I’m happy to make changes (or whoever wants to, can) but I don’t know the status of a lot of these interpreters.

Also, Spatterlight and Zoom are the only options listed for z-code in Mac OS X. Are those the best options, or is there an alternative?

Gargoyle also plays z-code files.

Ok, thanks. I can add that as an option at least.