ZMPP for Android released

Hi folks,

hope you had some nice Christmas holidays. Just wanted to let you know that I just released an Android version of ZMPP on the Market. It’s based on the ZMPP2 core that I rewrote in Scala. For now I focused on the Z-Machine and I’ll watch how things turn out.
Check it out if you like (it’s free, but displays ads in the browser screen).



Would it be possible to have a release for 2.1?

Do you mean Glulx ?

Would it be possible to support landscape orientation for those of us with slider keyboards?


Seconded. I downloaded ZMPP and it looks really nice, but it’s disappointing not to be able to use my lovely QWERTY keyboard with it.

No I mean for Android 2.1.


hardware keyboard maybe, Android 2.1 probably not.

  1. The Dalvik JIT compiler is included in 2.2. I know that quite a bit of devices still run 2.1, and Infocom games do run quite well on a non-JIT device, but I wouldn’t do Inform 7 games a favor if they could be only be played in slow motion.
    It is likely that the Android version will at some point run Glulx/Glk stories and performance-wise, those are even more of a challenge on average.

  2. One of the things I am currently looking into is hardware keyboard support, but I don’t know when that will happen.


ZMPP works fine with my Xperia Pro hardware keyboard. All that is missing is landscape orientation so that I don’t have to keep rotating the phone.

oh well… hey Dannii, I decided to upload a package where I lowered the requirements to Android 2.1 in the Downloads section of ZMPP’s github page (unlikely that I will do that on an app store version):

This is a current development snapshot, I briefly tested it on a 2.1 emulator, so don’t say I did not warn you before :smiley:


That will be the day I’m waiting for, since we already have Z-machine interpreters for Android. Thanks and good luck with this project!

P.S. I don’t actually have an Android device, but my playtesters do. I lost a couple because they couldn’t play Glulx on their mobile devices and they just ‘never got around’ to making time on the desktop. 40-somethings, eh? 8)

… I guess if you are doing things in a hurry, you can’t do them right… :blush: The development snapshot still needs more work than I thought, so I pulled it and replaced it with the current release version.

Sorry for the confusion.


If you can get landscape mode in here, then this will be the best intfic android app…thank you!

looks like it was a good decision to sneak that into the next release :wink: I am testing right now, hopefully I’ll be able to get it out this the weekend.

just as an info, today I released a new ZMPP version on Android Market, which (among other enhancements) adds the option to play in landscape mode.

What are the requirements for this that the Market thinks that it’s not compatible with my NookColor with N2A card (and therefore won’t let me download it)?

Hi, I have no idea, I am learning about N2A cards for the first time - but if you wait a couple of days there is a chance that you can download it from Barnes & Noble directly since I submitted it there yesterday. :wink:

Edit: Maybe this: ?

ZMPP does has a restriction on resolution, but the Nook Color is definitely up to the task, since that’s the main device I am using for IF.

Thanks, Wei-ju, that did it! I can now download ZMPP (and will, later, just to try it and compare with Twisty), as well as a couple of other apps that the Market was claiming weren’t compatible.

Excellent, thanks! (Admittedly, I thought at first it wasn’t working… I didn’t realise it had to be turned on manually in the preferences.)

Hi Emily,

thanks for the feedback, glad it works for you ! I unfortunately don’t have any device with a hardware keyboard (and as a Colemak typist, QWERTY would only be of limited use for me anyways :wink: ), so this is a feature that I can only test in an emulator.


Just finished playing through Shade using the latest version of ZMPP with a hardware keyboard and landscape mode. Mostly worked very well although there were a couple of times when text in longer descriptions scrolled past before I could read the top bit.