ZMARC utility program

This program is a utility program for dealing with ZMARC files; it also has a function to generate a UUID. You should not use the unimplemented features and partially implemented commands; they won’t work properly or at all. This software is in the public domain, except for the bzip2 library (see the included LICENSE file for details).

List of implemented commands:

  • a (Auto-extract files)
  • c (Raw compression)
  • d (Raw decompression)
  • f (Get individual subfile)
  • g (Get story file)
  • i (Display information)
  • l (List archive contents)
  • n (Number of archives)
  • r (Read metadata)
  • s (Compress story)
  • u (Generate UUID)

List of partially implemented commands:

  • e (Emit SQL for this archive)
  • m (Create archive from manifest)

List of not implemented commands:

  • q (Find capability set)
  • x (Emit XML for this archive)

(Note that even some of the commands which are specified as fully implemented may be extended in future.)


Document of file format:

You can please complain/question/comment/feature-suggestion/bug-reports of this program on here.