Anyone know ZILF or Zapf? I am looking into it and will definitely need help.

Don’t know either, but I’m curious. Why are you choosing this over I7 or a more commonly-known language?

I simply am curious as to how to use it. You see, I am mostly interested in knowledge for knowledge’s sake.

so for the most part, I will use I7, but I want to know how to use zilf.

Your post is a little unclear as to what you’re having problems with. First off, you’d want the ZIL manual:


Then you’d write some ZIL code and run the file through ZILF. You run the output from that through ZAPF and you’ll end up with a z-code file. The docs explain what they are doing.

If you’re interesting in reading posts by people looking at ZIL, some of us at joltcountry.com took a crack at it the other year:


I was kind of looking for a mentor.

I could easily be excited about ZILF. In fact I was, until I found out it requires Mono. So I won’t ever touch it.

What’s mono?

It’s an open source, cross-platform, implementation of C# and the CLR that is binary compatible with Microsoft.NET.


Thanks, Google!

Mono is pretty cool. Miguel and his team did a solid job.

David C.

I’m the author of ZILF. If you have specific questions about it, feel free to post here, or PM/email me if you don’t get a response.

Unfortunately, I think the best “mentor” you’ll find is the ZIL manual that has already been posted. There isn’t a whole lot of community expertise in working with ZIL.