Say David, is Perl mostly used on Unix/Unix-likes? I know windoze has a port… But it’s like outta the box with almost every Linux distro known to man. VIVA LA LINUX! :slight_smile:

Yes, Perl is primarily a Unixish language.

Perl is awesome, kinda reminds me of Python, which comes outta the box (somewhat due to new owners) as well with most Linux distros. I have to admit, just because OSes are not created equal, I realized that is due that they are meant for specific reasons. Such as Windoze for mostly market gaming, unixlikes (like BSD and Linux) for mostly programming and MacOS (just a more proprietary end-user unixlike, therefore stripped down of most open-endedness akin to a Windoze in use) for more end-user Apple related things. Then again that is just anecdotal on my behalf. They might have more uses then the ones I describe. Someone like DavidG or even Jesse might point out Windoze does have programming usages. And that is fine. I rather my reality be more then just self-conceptualize with more versatile awareness then that. But as for ZILF, it is just is a great starting point for me to use zmachine principals at fundamental starter level. I gotta learn how to walk before I run. Thanks DavidG, Zarf and Vaporware! You guys are great teachers to me… Everyone here on the forum has taught new ideas to go by not only on IF, text adventure but as a person to view the world in less self-conceptual ideation. I cannot ask for a better teacher if not learning institution then this place. :slight_smile: