ZILF 0.8 released

Version 0.8 of ZILF is here! Highlights include compiler/assembler support for V6 games, a more complete MDL interpreter (i.e. macros can be a lot more useful), better error reporting and optimization, and lots of bug fixes.

Release Notes
Download ZILF 0.8

Hey man! Good job, just got it 20 min ago, and tested out from a separate ZILF directory apart from 0.7 release, and copied over my Castle Macbeth source directory and the libraries that are shipped with 0.8, recompiled it the new release and came out nicely! Just figured out how to use the INSERT-FILE to my benefit so I can consolidate my coding from separate files, suggested in the ZIL manual. Took me a while to realize you need to insert the non-room objects for that specific room file in that room object file that I created, or it will not define as is in the main ZIL file. Ah well, I learned a new thing by being intuitive and by experiences from prior projects :stuck_out_tongue:. But even as you put it is a bit different of a protocol in programming the sound and graphics, the ability to do the macros with the new release along with the keeping try-it-and-true with the UPDATE-STATUS-LINE is enough for me, just for making out of the box parser-based IF in the end, at least for me! Great job Jesse! Keep up the good work!