ZILF 0.5 released

Get ready to get retro with this new version of ZILF and ZAPF, the ZIL compiler and assembler!

Download link: sourceforge.net/projects/zilf/fi … p/download
Full release notes: sourceforge.net/p/zilf/news/201 … -released/

you can try to do a Unix/Linux version ?

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

It should already be usable on Linux and OS X via Mono, although I haven’t tested 0.5 to be sure.

This works as expected on Ubuntu with Mono 3.2.8:

$ mkdir zilf-0.5
$ cd zilf-0.5
$ unzip …/zilf-0.5.zip
$ cd sample
$ mono …/bin/zilf.exe -ip …/library cloak.zil
$ mono …/bin/zapf.exe cloak.zap
$ frotz cloak.z3

indeed works correctly, thanks.

one little note, compiling from the bin directory splits the .zap files between the sample dir (cloak.zap= and the bin one (the trio of cloak_*.zap)

but I’m delighted of the small size of the .z3 re. the cloak.z3 from Inform 5 and Inform 6 pre 6/2 (people here known that I’m inclined to an sort of “short novella” concept of IF)

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

That’s amazing!

good job. It worked as expected with mono.