ZIL Code - One Room Game Competition - Early Next Spring

Details TBC… Just wanted to start putting the word out.

ZIL Code - One Room Game Competition
(Early Next Spring)

Special Guest Judge for the competition is none other than Dave Lebling!

The game MUST be programmed in ZIL and compiled using ZILF (from Jesse McGrew). Resources for getting started with ZIL can be found in the Facebook group…

Definitely hope to enter the comp. I am currently struggling to come up with an idea–at least I’ll have until march to come up with one and implement it.

Great! Don’t worry, you have time!


Is it possible for you to share the resources in a way that doesn’t require signing up to Facebook?

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Happy to share as much detail in this forum as possible (not sure whether we can post Links/URLs here?) It’s a very ‘lite’ comp as it’s the first time we’ve done it, so the only requirement is that it needs to be a One Room Game, the submissions will be emailed in and both the playable .z file AND the *.zil code files will need supplying. Dates, times etc will be confirmed in the new year.

I’ll keep the forum updated via this thread.



ZIL Resources (basically a big bunch of ZIL files)

drive.google.com/folderview?id= … keto4v_XDM

Are the source codes going to be used as code examples?

I may give this a shot, but trying to read the code with a screen reader just reminds me of why I like inform 7.


In answer to your question, yes, part of the reason for submitting your raw *.zil files is so we can take the opportunity to add to our ZIL repository so that there are more code examples available to people. That’s not the main reason, the main reason is so we can check the code to confirm it’s a One Room Game - but we’ll take the opportunity to grow the example code.

FYI, this announcement went out a couple weeks ago.

  • The competition is now accepting entries. The deadline is May 30th.
  • It’s no longer a “one room game” competition, just a ZIL competition.
  • Adam has arranged a special guest judge. :open_mouth: