Zarf unveils mad plan to do IF full-time

For those of you counting the days, today was my last day of work at the industry job I’ve held for the past three years.

(I was counting the days, obviously.)

Tomorrow I am a free man, or something.

Grats :slight_smile:

@zarf: You must feel so awesome right now. XD

Happy Christmas, if you want one… and the same to all other if.o members and any r.a.i-fers who like to wander by!


yay! Looking forward for it.

Hello, I’m new to these forums and I noticed this thread hasn’t been updated in a little while. I’m just wondering how this plan of doing IF full time is working?

I only just started with IF but I love it and I can see myself doing it forever. But atm I’m not working, taking care of my Dad full time, so the idea of being able to make a little money is intreguing.

I am making occasional updates at … hone/posts .

I’ve made good progress on the interpreter, and that code is available at github ( It isn’t a complete library yet by any means.

As for the game itself, I’m not posting day-by-day updates. It’ll be done when it’s done. That won’t be for months yet. It’s still a design problem rather than a coding problem, so I can’t make meaningful predictions.