I’m just wondering, as illogical as this may be, but is there any way to get glulx to put out a blorb file and only a blorb file for use with, say, a z6 game? Or z3?

Just curious if this is possible with I7?

Inform 7 can’t generate Z3 files. Even Inform 6 hasn’t supported Z3 for years. If you want to compile a Z3 file, you have to use an older version of I6.

Z6, on the other hand, should be fine. The Inform 7 IDE for Linux has an option to compile to Z6 on the Settings page.

Out of curiosity, why do you want z3? Even GBA and DS versions of frontz offers support for Z6 (and possibly z8 though I’m not sure) files, and both of thsoe systems have exceedingly limited memory to work with.

Honestly? It was nothing more than nostalgic curiosity.