Z-Machine Standards Document 1.1 in PDF?

As the topic states is the a version of the “Z-Machine Standards Document 1.1” in PDF?

If not, would it be ok if I did one?

Looks like nobody has generated a PDF version since 2003.

http://ifarchive.org/if-archive/infocom/interpreters/specification/z-spec10-pdf.zip has some of the 1.1 spec but not in its final form. Also, it’s not a great PDF – the character spacing is bunged up when I read it on a modern Mac.

The spec is Creative Commons at this point so you’re welcome to build one. I guess you’d have to start from the HTML.

Ok. Then I have something to do on the rainy days…

I went pawing through all the standards docs I could find and discovered that the 1.0 standard doesn’t exist anywhere in a complete form. The PDF leaves off at Section 14 and links within the PDF past that point are outside of the PDF. I don’t know how far things are with a formal writeup of what we have so far of the 1.2 standard beyond what @Dannii has at http://curiousdannii.github.io/if/zspec12.html. So, I decided that I’d scrape together things and prepare a LaTeX-formatted document to fill this void and to read up on what I need to get Dumb Frotz’s bot mode working.

If you want you can use my attempt at a PDF I did earlier this summer. It’s the Z-machine Standards Document 1.1 in PDF and ODT format. It’s not completely finished so I havn’t uploaded it before. I want to add a first page and some internal links. It’s also missing the three related documents Quetzal, Blorb and the Treaty of Babel.


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You mean in PDF form? (1.0 in HTML is at http://inform-fiction.org/zmachine/standards/z1point0/index.html .)

I’ll repeat that if/when there’s a settled 1.2 spec that the community is satisfied with, I can add it to that site. HTML or Markdown first, PDF as an adjunct. :)

(I’ve been converting specs to a slightly extended Markdown at https://github.com/iftechfoundation/ifarchive-if-specs . “Extended” mostly to cover auto-numbering sections and the way I like to do spec comments. The Z-spec doesn’t have to use that format, but it’s available.)