Z-Machine Standard on Github

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If I’ve done it right, the repository should have the original 1997 document files, then updates to the version currently on inform-fiction, then some more updates I noticed. Also a branch for the 1.1 spec. People should feel free to add issues to the issue tracker if they find new ones.

Not sure if you saw my comment on Github or not, but a lot of the files appear to have broken line endings. You might be able to follow the instructions here (or find others) to fix the line endings while keeping the Git history so that the changes aren’t lost.

Ah, thanks. I’d noticed this when I was uploading, but couldn’t find a fix.

After a whole lot of messing about with Git features I totally do not understand, I think the repository looks okay now.


I don’t know how others feel, but I like this. I watched the repo and now I get notifications, so I can keep up with things even if I don’t have any input at the moment.


A lot of discussion today about what it means for an interpreter to set the height header to 255.