Z-Machine runs out - switch to GLULX issues (to avoid)


So, if I’m making a game in Z-Machine, and the space runs out and i’d have to switch to Glulx…

what kind of things work in Z-machine that don’t work in Glulx?

I’ll try to keep the following list updated.

  • the color codes from Emily Short’s Basic Screen Effects
  • unsupported by Vorple (at this time)
  • probably more things but … that’s what this thread is for

Vorple does not yet support Glulx.

isn’t Vorple a thing like playfic?

Nein, mein Herr. It’s a thing like Parchment, except that it allows for all sorts of very cool effects. Look at it as an add-on for your game. Flame decals for your car to make it go faster.

Everyone knows Flame decals make your car go 20% faster. It also gives you +5 against cold.
And -50% at the supermarket.

Okay, adding Vorple to the list of things GLULX can’t manage.

+20% to wanted status and aggro range.