Z Code Jedi Training

Quarterly reminder to the community … :smiley:

We have a small but growing group of Z code coders! If you fancy learning the original ways of the Infocom Jedi then let me know and i’ll be happy to hook you into the group by whatever your preferred means.

The FB group is here, but by all means we can liaise through other mediums…


I do not use Facebook, but I did write the Tricky Document; you may read it if you have an interest in optimizations in Z-machine code. (Some of these optimizations have been called rather extreme. It is also possible it contains mistakes; if so, please report them.)

Awesome, thanks for sharing! I’ll share this link into the FB group too if that’s ok.

Whilst I have you then, any ‘tricks’ for implementing Vehicles? I’m having a fun time trying to implement VEHBIT into ZILF. I’m on attempt no.3 so any ideas or suggestions welcome.


The document only describes tricks for the Z-machine itself, not specific to ZILF or any other programming language used to program it. Examples are given in pseudo-code (for algorithms that a compiler can use) and assembly language (for algorithms implemented in Z-code), although in some cases you may be able to translate them to ZILF. You may still be able to do some of these things with ZIL code though, although some would require modifying the compiler itself.

And, it is OK to share the link if you want to do so. (The document is in the public domain; you may also copy it if you wish.)

(Also, I do not actually know how to program in ZIL (although I can understand most ZIL code I have read) or any other programming language for the Z-machine other than assembly language, so I cannot say how to implement vehicles; sorry.)

I understand. It’s still an interesting document. Thanks for sharing!