[Your score has just gone up by one point.]

Hi all,

I’m new to writing with Inform 7 (and to writing IF at all), and am having a lot of fun learning the system. My first project is going to be a very basic game, one where I use an IF story to help my community college students learn grammar.

The story of the game, building on the popularity of a certain teen wizard who must not be named, is that students attend the Margram Academy of Magic to learn to cast spells. I’ve replaced the traditional score at the top with the word “Spellpower” (and am supremely proud of myself for figuring out how to do so!) and I want to use that spellpower number to dictate how many chances players get to answer the grammar question before them correctly.

Every time a point is awarded, the message “[Your score has just gone up by one point.]” appears. I would like it to read “[Your spellpower has just gone up by one point.]” instead. My attempts to make this change have been fruitless (and rather pathetic), and I haven’t been able to find anything in the documentation, either in Inform or on the web, that addresses changing score notification (other than turning it on or off). Any ideas how to code this?

Much appreciated, folks!

Sorry folks, rookie mistake: didn’t search the forums before posting. In case anyone else missed it, here is the response with the answer: https://intfiction.org/t/changing-score-change-text/766/3

Either that, or you can use David Fisher’s default messages extension if you want to change a lot of default messages easily. I found it after Skinny Mike gave me a solution to my question. You can find it here: http://inform7.com/extensions/David%20Fisher/Default%20Messages/index.html .