Your favorite commercial IF?

I really like Forgotton Anne:

Step into a hand-animated realm of wonder

Imagine a place where everything that is lost and forgotten goes; old toys, letters, single socks. The Forgotten Lands is a magical world inhabited by Forgotlings; creatures composed of mislaid objects longing to be remembered again.

Forgotton Anne is a seamless cinematic adventure game with light puzzle platforming elements. You play as Anne, the enforcer who keeps order in the Forgotten Lands, as she sets out to quash a rebellion that might prevent her master, Bonku, and herself from returning to the human world…

The developers want to make it feel like you’re playing an interactive Studio Ghibli film.

I think it would classify as choice IF — it can be represented in Twine for example and is represented internally in Twine. It just also has visuals, voice acting and light platformer-puzzle elements on top.

The prequel for this game (Forgotlings) is set to be released later this year.