You shop at Amazon, they support the IFTF!

You can now help to ensure the future of interactive fiction while doing your regular shopping at Amazon! When you let Amazon know that your preferred charitable organization is the Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation

, Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to help fund that cause.

To do this:

Go to:

Type in Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation as your preferred charitable organization, and select it from the list.

Log onto Amazon through for all of your future purchases.

AmazonSmile is operated by Amazon, the prices are the same, the services are the same. The only difference is that Amazon will donate a portion of your transaction to help further interactive fiction through the IFTF.

True! I guess I should have mentioned this. :slight_smile:

Was this mentioned on the IFTF email list, by any chance? I ask because I signed up for IFTF updates but haven’t gotten any yet. I’m not sure if that means I’m not signed up properly, or if no updates have been sent out.

We have not sent out any updates on that list. Good idea though.

I’ve been going around and posting my original topic on a number of forums in an attempt to both inform fellow IF enthusiasts of how they can help this very important organization, as well as to gin up search engine traffic to the IFTF. While I believe my campaign has been largely successful in achieving its primary goal, I fear that I have been less than successful in the latter. It appears that my choice of titles, mainly in using the acronym IFTF, is being overshadowed by the “Institute For The Future”. I opted to not use its full name in the title due to a character restriction, and a desire to make it more catchy, I now fear that this was a miscalculation on my part.

We ran into that “IFTF” while searching for domain names. But we figure that if our IFTF stays active, it will take up its share of the google searchspace.

(We originally wanted “Interactive Fiction Foundation”, but the other IF Fund was still active at the time so that would have been more confusing.)

Every time that I see the acronym IFTF, my brain substitutes IETF, the Internet Engineering Task Force.

I get IFTTT (“If This Then That,” ).