You kids with your Twitters and your hula hoops!

I joined Twitter, somewhat reluctantly, as I saw some elements of the IF community have been tweeting and I like to keep up with as much as possible. So, in that spirit, my Twitter is “Marshal_Winter”, or you can search my full name “Marshal Tenner Winter”. Please add me and I’ll add anyone with Twitter that’s interested! :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek:

Hey, at least it’s not Facebook. AM I RITE?!?!?

You are right. I’ve avoided the major social networks so far. I fear the day I might have to join one of them in order to use a service that I need. I hate the fact that you have to be on Google+ in order to use YouTube now. I probably will have to use YouTube someday. :frowning:

When you say use YouTube, do you mean to watch videos? Because you don’t have to be on Google+ to do that…

Quite true. You only need Google+ to write a YouTube comment, and why would you get involved in that sh*tstorm?

I do have a Twitter, but I’m not active there any more. Too much to read and tweet, too little time.

I’m pretty sure you now need to be on Google+ to upload videos to YouTube. I would be overjoyed to be wrong about that, though.

Google+ is actually a much saner version of Facebook. I like it a lot.


You have to have a Google account (feel free to dislike how they’re using the same login for GMail, search, Youtube, G+… - I find it convenient, but I do recognise the problems with it), but you don’t have to use the Google+ part of it (or GMail, or whatever) if you don’t want to.

And while Youtube is the most used site of its kind, there are alternatives. Vimeo isn’t (yet) owned by a huge corporation, is it?

Vimeo rocks. The difference between Vimeo and YouTube is that Vimeo prefers you upload your OWN vids, not stuff like your favorite School House Rock. You know what I mean?

If this is true, isn’t there laws against buying up a company just to demolish it?

No - there are entire industries revolving around buying companies in order to demolish them.