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Any chance you could link us to your podcast and your text adventures on IFDB?

That second link shows the profile of whoever is logged in, so if I visit it it shows me my own profile page. :wink:

Actual IFDB link: ifdb.tads.org/showuser?id=9fb6ew8w0cbav13i

Welp, these are Windows executables. No play for me.

ifdb.tads.org/search?searchfor=author%3AD.B.T My bad.

Here are some edited highlights from episode “-3” of the podcast in question (available on the “Classic Text Adventures” Facebook page):

DBT rants about his hatred of the “IF community” (MP3) *

There’s also this:


Are these clips representative of the future content that will be produced if we become Patreon backers?

[EDIT: More clips from the podcast…]

1. DBT rants about his hatred of the “IF community”
2. DBT still hates the “IF community”, tries to “tick them off”
3. DBT hates Get Lamp, Infocom, Inform, TADS, and the “IF community”
4. DBT hates paying for IF, still hates Get Lamp, apologizes for podcasting unprofessionally
5. DBT hates editing, prefers Scott Adams to Infocom
6. DBT hates criticism – really hates it
7. DBT hates the “drooling m********s” who use Inform
8. DBT hates the correct pronunciation of “Crowther”

[/EDIT] **

** [size=85][EDIT: More clips from the podcast. [EDIT, April 7th, 2016: SoundCloud removed these tracks in response to a copyright claim.] [EDIT: I have attempted to restore the tracks.] [EDIT, May 3rd, 2016: SoundCloud has again removed the tracks, in response to a second copyright claim.] [EDIT, May 5th, 2016: I’ve attempted to reupload the tracks elsewhere.] [EDIT, May 10th, 2016: Picosong has removed all the audio tracks without explanation. I’ve attempted to reupload the tracks elsewhere. Mega.nz has removed all the tracks in response to a copyright claim. I’ve attempted to reupload the tracks elsewhere.] [The original podcast episodes are at buzzsprout.com/47785 and on the “Classic Text Adventures” Facebook page.]][/size]

I don’t mean to offend anybody. Sometimes I just get carried away. Like anyone else
when they are passionate about something.

Sorry, but I feel like your title is misleading… (If you’re going to create an account to post this, might as well be accurate. Welcome, by the way!)
I think a more precise title should be “DBT talks about how he feels alienated and looked down upon (or even hated) by other people in the IF community”. Sure, he says “I hate those guys” at the end, but he says it while laughing uncomfortably, adding “I wish I didn’t, but…”. And that comes after saying that people compare him to Ed Wood or Paul Allen Panks.

I don’t know if there is past history or something that I’m not aware of here, and I really, really don’t agree with what he says. On the other hand I’m not in his position, and hey, maybe we do come off as upper-class snobs (and/or there is past history that I’m not aware of). It’s kind of a tricky issue, and I wish it wasn’t like that.

frankromo134: I’m not into your games (tried a couple on IFDB, found them too short and too straightforward for my liking - sorry!), so I’m not going to contribute to the Patreon. I hope you find your audience though!
And I couldn’t listen to the other podcast cause audio was choppy, but it did seem to start with a slur - please don’t do that, it makes you look pretty bad :confused: (Consider editing parts of your podcast if you get too carried away?)

frankromo134 - is there any way your games can be played on platforms other than Windows? (I’m on Mac OS X, and the executables don’t seem to work on Wine)

The only time I’ve seen his games discussed was in a thread or two in Announcements. He was given some advice, and apparently he took that advice to mean that we were comparing him with Panks?..

One of his games has a scathing review, which is also fairly accurate. That review also features two comments (one of which is FRIGGIN’ HUGE) defending the game and ignoring the valid criticism in the reviews.

Almost all of this games have a very suspicious five-star rating, always by the same person.

I don’t want to sound harsh, but man, you’re not making it easy for people.

See what I mean?

EDIT - verityvirtue, a number of his games come with a .bas source. Maybe if you find a Mac Basic interpreter/compiler/program/whatever-the-hey-it’s-called…?

Or maybe a Windows interpreter/compiler/program/whatever-the-hey-it’s-called will run on Wine and work from the .bas source directly?..

I’m not sure Interactive Fiction as a cure for income woes or in keeping one’s self sane are wise choices.

I highly recommend an immediate course correction.

And expecting the IF community to download and play Windows games is sketchy at best. They could be the most beautiful games ever written and you’d still get a lot of push back. And you can’t play the martyr card. That’s just not going to work.

I encourage you to focus on employment first, then worry about podcasts and IF later.

Just a little advice from your Uncle Dave.


Everything else aside, I would suggest lowering your donation tiers.

For context, check out the featured list of creators on Patreon, or do a search for interactive fiction creators. Then check out how much money they’re getting for each creation, and divide that by the number of patrons they have (since it’s all public information).

A low tier of $20 is shockingly high for Patreon. Even really successful creators like Amanda Palmer, Zach Weinersmith, and the Dwarf Fortress team are in the $3 to $6 range for their average backer.

Ah of course! Trying out Chipmunk Basic now…

I’m happy that Prak, is obsessed with me still to this day.

It’s actually quite scary to know that one has a stalker like Prak. With my
health scare and Cancer, it doesn’t scare me as much as knowing Prak is
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We’re all watching you, Frank.

We are ALL watching. Bwahahahaaaa