Xyzzy Graphics

On the Awards site there is this link: “offers to make a new logo, please mail the competition organizer.”

I’ve tried doing something quite some time ago, but got no response. Either the mail reached no one or the logo was too bad to be worth an answer [emote]:)[/emote]

If anybody is interested, below my vision on the Xyzzy Logo.

Oof. I appreciate the clever geometric construction, but it doesn’t make the readability cut, for me. Honestly my first thought was “my eyes” followed by “is that a K?”

That is very snazzy. I kind of like it. Although it does kind of feel a bit more like the sign for a boutique. Possibly a boutique that is trying to rehabilitate zebra-stripes as both elegantly high-class and a little bit punk. (Which is not a bad analogy for IF, now that I think about it.)

(But then, I like messing around with lettering, so I mostly I am responding to inventiveness and technical skillz. I mean, I’m looking at that and thinking ‘hey, way to make a virtue out of all those inconvenient diagonals’, where the average person may be going ‘what now?’)

Exactly. Aren’t them the XyzzK awards?
Am I missing something? [emote]:)[/emote]

Jokes apart. I know about the readability problem, but I’m also sure the brand is famous enough to survive the audience test.
… And, well: this is an audience test, also. So, keep the comments coming!

[Edit with a post-thought after maga’s post.]
Indeed the primary quality of the magic spell “xyzzy” is to be unpronounceable, isn’t it? So on 2D it must be unreadable. But I’m overbabbling.

I forget whether I posted this, but here’s the sketch I came up with. Even more geometrically clever, and animated too!

(Note: please do not use this.)

It kind of looks like it could be “XYZZX” instead of “XYZZY” to me.


It does have a kind of runic quality, now that you mention it.

Once 3D printing gets a little more accessible, we’ll be sure to print out some of Zarf’s wotsits, then scatter them across the Auditorium floor to cripple the unwary.

Now that’s impressive.

Yes, I decided to turn the Y upside-down for the logo to be symmetrical, but it may have been a mistake.

These are amazing. Painful, but amazing. Marco’s logo also works well because it’s also a puzzle! The logo itself in some small way like a work of interactive fiction. Count this as a vote in favour.

Yes. But a really pretty one, at least, so there’s that? [emote]:)[/emote]

I like James’, but it’s far too unreadable. [emote]:([/emote]

That is cool, like the Godel Escher Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid book cover and/or a hypercube.

That should be the trophy.

Maybe you could consider using a “Y” with a vertical descender in order to keep the symmetry.

My office is right across the street from NextFab studio, and I know some people who use it…