XYZZY Awards

To the original question – if the organizers had started setting the awards up for the year, they would have announced it. If they had decided not to hold them, they would have announced that. So the answer is probably “they’re not yet sufficiently organized.”

I wish to submit one of my titles to the XYZZY Awards if that’s possible. That would make for a wonderful time.

It would, but alas, the rules typically prohibit self-nominations or canvassing for votes. In the words of the Inform 7 manual, “…you can’t plan to win: it happens or it doesn’t.” The best way to get nominated is just to keep working on making better and better games, and get good at gracefully publicizing them to attract a fanbase that likes your work. [emote]:)[/emote]

We should be clearer for newcomers:

Games which are eligible for the XYZZYs are those that are listed at IFDB. (See the post last year.) It’s totally fine to update IFDB to make sure your games are listed.

Nominations, a.k.a. the first voting round, are up to the voters. ( That’s where you’re not supposed to vote for yourself.

i’m kind of curious as well. What is happening with xyzzy awards this year? There’s a definite radio silence thing going on.


wow. could this forum be any more unwelcoming? I’ve posted twice here now both quite inoffensive - once completely ignored, second time leading to what I assume is an in-joke/long running feud/moderator action. What is going on here? Is this community actively trying to discourage new participants? how disheartening.

Sorry about that. It was the latter, something we haven’t had to do for quite a while here.

I’m also wondering what’s going to happen with the XYZZYs, but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any information available yet. :confused:

According to twitter, maga will get things started this week, Robin Johnson will help, and magazines could use at least one or more extra volunteers. I don’t know if that is still accurate as of today.

edit:Maga, not magazines

“I am hoping to move into the next stage some time this coming week, and volunteer or two would absolutely be helpful.”

Sorry to hear about your experience. I’m relatively new to the forum myself, but my experience has been that the people here (or at least in the Inform sections) are very friendly and helpful. Perhaps you just got unlucky or managed to unknowingly touch a nerve. Not to excuse whatever happened (I don’t know what it was, as the offending content has since been deleted), or to wave away your experience, but just to say: I don’t think the forum is all (or even mostly) like that.

It wasn’t even that really! Just what appeared to be a long-time troll who has been banned under many names popping up to start things under a couple of new names–nothing about your post, sallyc, except that you happened to be in the way when this person decided to start insulting anyway.

In any case, thanks for the kind words, Suho!

Ah, I see. Well, in that case, it seems that sallyc really did get a bit unlucky here.